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Seasoned Multimedia Design Professional with 9+ Years of Expertise

With a rich history spanning over 9 years in the dynamic realm of multimedia design, I bring a wealth of expertise and boundless creativity to every project I embark upon. My design journey has led me through a diverse array of engaging roles, each contributing to my multifaceted skill set:


Senior Multimedia Design Officer
Centre of Education Innovation

As a Senior Multimedia Design Officer at the Centre of Education Innovation, I've transformed education using 2D/3D visuals, VR, and video editing. Collaborating with game developer, I've created dynamic learning spaces. I've also embraced AI for image generation, enhancing our projects with AI-generated visuals, polished using Photoshop and Illustrator.


2018 -

Gaming Marketing Services Team

As a Designer in the Gaming Marketing Services Team,
I contributed my creative solutions, art direction, key visual design, and UI expertise to the gaming marketing sphere.


2010 -

Assistant Designer
Product Design Agency Creative Team

In this role, I provided invaluable support to the director, meticulously organized product specifications, executed intricate graphic design work, transformed hand sketches into polished vector graphics, liaised with factories, and ensured stringent quality control.


2007 -

Adveritising Agency Creative Team

During my academic pursuit in web design and development from 2005 to 2008, I had the privilege to apply my learning in a practical setting. I worked part-time at a small advertising agency, gaining hands-on experience in web design, festival decoration, and a deeper understanding of the profound impact of design in the commercial world.


2011 -

Assistant Designer
Interior Design Agency Creative Team

Early in my career, I delved into interior design, where I honed my skills in interior detail drawing, graphic design, and project management.


2014 -

Graphic Designer
Design & Production Agency Creative Team

My journey began as a Graphic Designer whitin a design and production agency. Here, I cultivated my art direction skills, collaborated on advertising campaigns, and even contributed to TVC shoots.


2016 -

Media Designer
Multimedia Experiential Design Agency Creative Team

In the multimedia experiential design agency's Creative Team,
I ventured into the realms of AR and VR, proposing innovative projects, designing immersive user interfaces, and contributing to various graphic and interactive design endeavors.


Multimedia Designer
Chinese Medicine Marketing Team

During my tenure with the Chinese Medicine Marketing Team, I managed design projects, developed advertising collateral, and excelled in both online and offline marketing materials.

Throughout this diverse tapestry of roles, my design prowess has flourished,  my creative horizons have expanded, and I've fostered an unwavering passion for crafting visual experiences that captivate and inspire.


Bachelor of Arts in Applied and Media Arts
The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Higher Diploma in Multimedia Exhibition Design
Hong Kong Design Institute

Diploma in Web Design & Development
Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education


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