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Christmas Redemption Promotion

creative thinking | art-direction | visual design | 3D modeling 

In the spirit of the holiday season, I spearheaded a creative endeavor that combined imaginative thinking, art direction, visual design, and 3D modeling. The concept centered around transforming gift boxes into a Christmas tree, inviting casino customers to embark on an exciting journey of discovery.

Key Visual Concept:

The heart of this design featured gift boxes artfully arranged in the shape of a Christmas tree. Customers had the delight of "unwrapping" these boxes, akin to a festive lucky draw, to unveil their treasured surprises. The color palette, a harmonious blend of red and gold, created an ambiance of privilege and celebration.

Extended Application:

This enchanting design extended to the lucky draw game card, amplifying the thrill of the holiday season. Customers experienced the joy of giving and receiving, making this Christmas promotion a memorable and heartwarming success.

Project Gallery

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