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Dental Clinic

VI design | creative thinking | art-direction

My collaboration with Entrust Dental Clinic was a journey of creative exploration and communication. Working closely with the content creator and engaging with the client to understand their vision and mission was at the heart of this project.

Logo Design:

Our starting point was crafting a distinctive logo. The client's desire was to embed their fingerprint into the teeth as a logo, symbolizing trust and personal care. With sensitivity to privacy, we modified the fingerprint while retaining its essence. Additionally, we added a joyful touch by incorporating a happy face graphic into the brand name, creating a logo that resonates with warmth and confidence.

Stationeries and Lightbox Design:

Beyond the logo, we extended our design prowess to stationeries and lightbox displays for their new clinic. These elements not only convey professionalism but also reflect the welcoming atmosphere of Entrust Dental Clinic.

Promotion Poster:

In our second project, we took a unique approach by using the concept of the Snellen Chart, typically associated with eye tests. However, our message was clear: Just as one may not see dental issues, regular checkups are essential. This poster served as a reminder of the importance of dental health.

Our collaboration with Entrust Dental Clinic was a testament to the power of visual communication in shaping their brand identity and conveying essential healthcare messages.

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