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Discovery Kids Curiosity Centre

graphic design | interior design | art-direction | on-site setup


The "Discovery Kids Curiosity Centre" project is an innovative educational initiative designed to ignite the imaginations of children through interactive learning experiences. Centered around a uniquely transformed container with a captivating spaceship interior, this space invites children to embark on a journey of discovery and exploration, inspired by the enriching content produced by the Discovery Channel.

My role in this groundbreaking project encompassed a wide array of creative and logistical responsibilities. As a pivotal member of the design team, I was entrusted with the graphic design elements that shaped the visual identity of the Curiosity Centre, from engaging flyers that draw in young explorers and their families to the comprehensive interior design that transforms the container into an immersive spaceship environment.

My duties extended to art direction, ensuring a cohesive aesthetic and educational experience throughout the project. Additionally, I played a critical role in the on-site setup, meticulously overseeing the installation process to guarantee that every detail aligned with our vision of creating an enthralling educational hub.

Through this project, we aimed to create a space where curiosity leads to learning, leveraging the power of interactive exhibits and the engaging storytelling of the Discovery Channel to foster a love of discovery in the next generation.

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