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EMSD Interactive Showcase

UI design | storyboard | graphic design | illustration | video editing

In the EMSD Interactive Showcase project, I played a pivotal role in two key components designed to transform EMSD's new showroom.

Interactive Wall

Located in the heart of Hong Kong, the interactive wall serves as a vital bridge between EMSD's responsibilities and the community it serves. This captivating feature showcases EMSD's duties through touch-activated animations. My responsibilities encompassed storyboarding, UI design, graphic and motion design, and maintaining effective communication with the client.

BIM System Simulation

To highlight EMSD's cutting-edge BIM system, I crafted an immersive experience. Sliding screens replicate a room's blueprint, inviting visitors to explore the system's capabilities, all with the aim of educating and engaging the community.

Through seamless collaboration and a wealth of creative expertise, we created an interactive experience that forges a meaningful connection between EMSD and its community.

Project Gallery

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