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Fu Hui Gala

Event Decoration: graphic design | art-direction
theme: childhood

Within the Fu Hui Gala Event Decoration project, my responsibilities as a graphic designer and art director played a pivotal role in crafting an extraordinary experience infused with the essence of "childhood."

This heartfelt event unfolded in Hong Kong with a noble mission: to raise funds for mainland students. We embarked on a creative journey through time, constructing an enchanting "time tunnel" adorned with thought-provoking quotes. Our aim was to trigger deep introspection among guests, encouraging them to reminisce about cherished childhood memories. We posed intriguing questions like, "What was your treasured childhood comfort food?" to stir nostalgia and forge personal connections.

To intensify this sentimental voyage, we seamlessly integrated authentic photographs captured in mainland schools, capturing the spirit of the 70s and 80s. This collaboration with history and nostalgia aimed to awaken empathy, nurturing a profound desire to support the deserving students.

The Fu Hui Gala Event Decoration was more than a visual spectacle; it was an emotionally resonant journey that rekindled the youthful spirit within and kindled a generous flame for a noble cause.

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