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HKUST x EdUHK Joint Conference - Leveraging AI for Change in Education

creative thinking | art-direction | visual design & production

Visual abstract: The key visual for the HKUST x EdUHK joint conference poignantly symbolizes the transformative journey of education from the traditional, structured confines of a physical library towards the expansive and dynamic realms of AI, depicted as a vibrant form above. This transition captures the essence of a shift from established, physical learning spaces to the boundless potential of digital intelligence, reflecting the conference's focus on AI's role in pioneering the future of educational strategies

My role:

As the lead designer for this visionary conference, my role involved translating the theme of transformation into a coherent visual narrative across both print and digital mediums. I was entrusted with the comprehensive design of the event's collateral, from the tactile detail of program booklets to the interactive engagement of the conference website. My work extended to creating personalized souvenirs and an interactive wall, all designed to echo the progressive theme of AI in education and provide a consistent, impactful user experience that paralleled the innovative spirit of the event. website: event hightlight (produced by Ken Yu, Education Development Manager)

Project Gallery

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