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Inherited Cardiac Disease

brochure design

In this project, my responsibilities encompassed a range of critical tasks. I engaged closely with the client, immersing myself in their brand identity. With a keen focus on embedding their brand DNA and utilizing their signature color palette, I crafted a promotion brochure that radiated professionalism, comprehensiveness, and precision.

My role extended to layout design, where I meticulously organized content to ensure clarity and readability. Infographics became a powerful tool to convey complex information with ease, enhancing the comprehensibility of the brochure. Typesetting design was another crucial aspect of my responsibilities, where every word was thoughtfully placed to maintain a harmonious visual flow.

Our goal was to convey an image of unwavering expertise in the field of Inherited Cardiac Disease screening. The result was a brochure that not only encapsulated their brand essence but also presented a message of trust and accuracy to those seeking their services.

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