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Meat Matters Institute

individual graduation project
creative thinking | branding | VI design

butcher becomes ageing, they have negative image in general perspective, what are the reasons that makes them look so bad?

to expand the community and improve the professional image of butcher in Hong Kong through education which provide a systematic training, to innovate and reform the butchery industry. Abstract:

The Meat Matters Institute project, part of my Applied and Media Arts degree, aims to rejuvenate the butchery industry in Hong Kong by bridging craftsmanship with modern innovation. It targets the profession's negative stereotypes, proposing a two-year Butchology degree program that honors traditional craftsmanship while integrating contemporary practices. The curriculum, enriched with ethics, safety, market communication, and the historical context of butchery, along with electives and a hands-on internship, is crafted to elevate the artisanal butchery role. This educational initiative seeks to transform the industry's image, preparing students for a future where craftsmanship and innovation coexist, thereby revitalizing the trade.


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