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Smartphone Accessories Kickstarter Campaign

art-direction | storyboard | video production | graphic design | photography

In the dynamic realm of Kickstarter, my role was to collaborate closely with the client, elevating their initial funding video to new heights. Our mission was clear: to craft a video that not only caught the eye but also delivered a compelling and informative message.

Enhanced Content:

Working alongside a talented video producer, we reimagined the content and story flow. Through meticulous shooting and storytelling, we created a video that left a lasting impact, resonating with potential backers.

Graphic Design:

To complement the video, I designed captivating graphics, both for the video itself and for the Kickstarter campaign page. These visuals were strategically crafted to attract and engage prospective investors, enhancing the overall campaign's visual appeal.

Our journey with the Kickstarter Campaign was a fusion of creativity and strategy, turning vision into tangible support.

Promotion Video: (production by Shirley Yeung)

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